Client Testimonials


“I have never enjoyed working out as much as I do with Kelly, Billy, Pam, and Debbie at evolv3 or seen such great results!!! The classes are challenging, diversified, and fun all at the same time. The evolv3 staff is so passionate about fitness and it really shows through their energy and enthusiasm. (They definitely practice what they preach). But I really think the best thing about working out at evolv3 is that I have never felt intimidated. The staff and members are like one big happy family all routing each other on. So glad I chose to evolv3!!!"

  • Kathleen A.

"Evolve3 is a great place to gain strength and confidence in my Physical abilities as well as laughing and meeting new friends! Plus my clothes fit better also."

  • Linda H.

"I haven't had this much fun working out in years. The classes are safe and challenging. Personal sessions and nutritional advice has provided proven results. Spice up your workouts, it will spice up your life!"

  • Toni M.

"Evolve has been an awesome experience from day one! From the gym, to the staff and everything in between. It was exactly what I needed to get myself motivated to be healthy again!"

  • Shannon W.

"Evolv3 is more than a gym, it's a lifestyle. The trainers are totally knowledgeable and work with you using a holistic approach. If you want to see a real change in your life don't waste another day. Sign up now."

  • Risa C.

"Working out on my own 6 days a week was getting boring so I figured I'd check out Evolv3 and incorporate classes into my workout a few days a week. The classes are challenging thanks to Kelly, Pam and the team pushing you to your limits. The gym is extremely clean and you're always guaranteed a great workout when going to Evolv3!"

  • Alex W.

"Evolv3s atmosphere is awesome and drives me to push myself harder every time I'm there!"

  • Matt S.

"I have always worked out, but I never thought that I could truly change my body type until I met Kelly and started with Evolv3. I figured that I would always be short and stout, but I finally feel lean and strong! I have learned so much from Kelly and Evolve and love getting stronger and challenging myself with such a great group of people!"

  • Jackie K.

"Working out has always been my least favorite part of the day. Working out with Kelly and Pam at Evolv3 has turned my boring workouts into the highlight of my day!"

  • Jena C.

"I've been training with Kelly for about a year now and I couldn't be happier with my results and her bootcamp classes.  Kelly keeps it fresh, I don't think we ever repeat a workout- which I love! She is passionate about what she does and it shows.  Every time I see her I know I'll get the butt kicking I need and the encouragement to keep coming back for more. Kelly at Evolv3 is the best!"

  • Keelin M.

Fitness is a lifestyle, an attitude, a thought process. I have known Kelly and her mother, Pam, for more than 20 years. They are the examples to follow for a fit and healthy life, whether you want to get stronger, maintain what you have, train for a sport or just have a great time getting into and staying in shape.Nutrition and exercise along with the motivation from the Evolv3 team will change your life.Get started and never stop.

  • Gary B.

First time I've ever gone to a gym and felt so welcomed! Everyone is friendly, extremely knowledgeable of ALL aspects of fitness AND nutrition, and very encouraging! I do personal training with Debbie and for the first time in my life I actually have great results! The classes are amazing too..I look like a hot mess walking out but feel awesome!

  • A.G.

I came to an event at Evolve with my sister-in-law and all I can say is I had the best workout ever! I am a runner and was not at the level as some of the other people, but never once did anyone make me feel that way! There was nothing but encouragement and positivity! Pam and Debbie made me feel so good about myself!

  • Shannon

I am a new "trainee"at Evolve for the past month and after many years of trying different trainers and gyms, have found the workouts and trainer that is perfect for me.  Billy customizes each workout in a way that is both motivating, original and ensures any previous injuries are not impacted. Overall, I was never an early morning person, however Billy's workouts and diet plans have made me want to get up early and sleep better to enable an early wake.  Definitely worth trying this gym and finding a personal and motivating experience!

  • Tim T.

I have worked out with Billy for the past 3 years. He applies both technical and practical knowledge to guide me thru my workouts. I have trained for the past 35 years from high school sports, college sports to maintenance workouts. I can honestly say that Billy is one of the best trainers in the business. He brings a quiet intensity to each workout, which pushes me to a higher level every time. He has formulated a nutritional program for me, that resulted in significant weight loss, while producing gains in strength and muscle. Billy has an easy going, friendly personality that creates the perfect environment for training.

  • Mike L.

My decision to hire Billy for personal training and my diet plan is by far the best investment I have ever made in myself.  He is so knowledgeable and professional, and has assisted me to get back on track mentally and physically. I will always be thankful for his genuine support and motivation.

  • Lori G.

Working with Billy has been an awesome experience. He is a fantastic motivator and pushes me to reach my greatest potential.

  • Christian


Three knees surgeries and two back surgeries I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to work out again. Thank you Bill Dawson for putting up with all my complaining and helping me get well!

  • Jack S.

My experience working with Billy was life changing. I competed my first time as a natural figure competitor and won 3rd place in both categories I competed in. Billy helped me achieve goals, physically I never thought  were possible. He's knowledgeable and knows his stuff. You definitely want to train with Billy if you want maximum results!!

  • Stephanie M.

"It has been an amazing experience working with Billy over the years.  He truly is dedicated the health, wellness and helping his clients achieve their goals.    He is knowledgable, patient and pushes you according to what you are capable of., a real individualized approach.  What's great about Billy too is that he not only teaches your he also grows and learns with you...very open minded and supportive and practices what he preaches.”

  • John R.

I have worked with many trainers in the past ten years, however training with Billy has truly been an extraordinary experience. My body has never been as taut and lean as it is while working out with him. He is the pundit on his craft and is extremely knowledgeable on all components of fitness, including diet and scheduling meals and when and what to work out.  Billy is able to transform your body into the exact physique you are aiming for. Personally, he gave me the butt and legs I was seeking. My core is toned and I've never had the strength that I have now. Billy motivates without severity, yet is sensitive to any discomfort you may be experiencing while training. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about fitness and reinventing their body. Undoubtedly, the best trainer I have worked with! I wish I was able to train with him every time I workout!

  • Jenna S

"I have had the pleasure of working with Billy Dawson for several years both with diet and training. Under his exceptional guidance I lost 50 lbs going from a size 16 to a size 0 in just about a year! He undoubtedly knows how to transform people and put them on the path to health. If you want to achieve things you never thought possible, he is the trainer for you!”

  • Anne Marie

With Kelly's support, knowledge, and encouragement I have been working hard. I've changed my eating habits and made exercise part of my daily life. I have seen my confidence grow, I've gained more self esteem, I'm healthier (physically, mentally, emotionally). I cannot thank her enough...and everyone else who has cheered me on this past year. Here's to another year of transformation and evolving!

  • John K.

Billy was patient and encouraging, he totally worked with my food issues and found good alternatives. Kelly has been more than a trainer, she's a life coach. She is an invaluable partner in the process.

  • Risa C.

Are you ready for a new you?  Then come to Evolv3! Your mind and body will be hooked!  Evolv3 is not a traditional boring gym where you see rows of equipment and half the time you find yourself wondering what exercise to do next and walking around aimlessly.  At Evolv3 the workouts are always varied and challenging. You will find your body is stronger than you ever thought possible, and this will help you achieve your highest fitness level.  There is a remarkable level of camaraderie amongst the members, and hands on personal training in every class. Every move counts, and the trainers ensure you have the correct form during all exercises.  I have been a member since April 2016, and never imagined I would get my college years body back. Yeah… Evolv3 is that good! Be ready to sweat and get into the best shape of your life!

  • Gabriela G.

"When I decided to work with a trainer, I was nervous because I was very out of shape.  When I met Liz, she was kind and compassionate when I shared my body image struggles with her. At first, the training was very difficult, but as I began to progress it reignited my fire for fitness. I began to not only have more energy but also to gain back my confidence.


I used to think that being in shape was only about the number on the scale and I let that number dictate my happiness. Liz encouraged me to not place so much emphasis on my weight and instead focus on how I felt. She educated me about proper nutrition, training and recovery. Since working with Liz, I have lost over 120 lbs and over 100 lbs of that was fat alone! I have decreased my body fat almost 23%! Not only that, I have freed myself from all doctor prescribed medications.

Liz has helped lift me out of depression and step into a world of body love, positive thinking, and self confidence. She is an attentive, creative, and knowledgeable trainer and coach. With her help, I am living a much healthier and happier life.  I am no longer a slave to the scale, and best of all, I love myself and my body. The sky is the limit! I am so grateful to have her in my life.”

  • Jenny M.

I started training with Liz at the end of July 2018. I am 34 years old and my entire life has not been about fitness, so I was fully expecting to say “hi” and “bye” to Liz fairly quickly.

I left my first session feeling very aware of my physical limitations but supported. I will never forget Liz telling me, “what matters now is that you’re here.” It made me realize that no matter when you start it’s not too late to turn your fitness lifestyle around.

Four months later, I have lost 8% of my body weight and gained muscle. Every time I take photos I expect to see something crazy dramatic but I’ve come to value getting stronger, not skinnier. Liz focuses on building strength with added conditioning drills throughout our sessions. She is sensitive to the specific needs of my body and challenges me in ways that are appropriate for my fitness level. Now, I crave going to the gym.

She has gone above and beyond for my health, introducing me to health professionals who can help with other aspects of my heath and wellness. She truly cares and is an absolute inspiration. I’m never looking back, Liz!  Thank you!

  • Kristin C

Evolv3 is exactly like the theme song from the show Cheers - ''Sometimes you want to go. Where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came". At Evolv3, you're more than just a member of a gym.  You're part of a family.

I started out training with Billy a few years ago, and have been going to Evolv3 since they opened their doors! I absolutely love being part of the Evolv3 gym and Evolv3 family. As somebody who has always struggled with weight, the support here is unmatched among anywhere I have ever worked out.  Each workout is unique and challenging. Before, during and after each workout the trainers check in to see how you are doing in and outside of the gym. The constant support motivates me and I look forward to every single class and training session!

If you want to be more than just another number and want meaningful, challenging workouts and a 24/7 support system to help you reach your goals then Evolv3 is the gym for you!

  • Whitney B.