Our Story

They say timing is everything, and when it comes to Evolve and our story behind it, that statement could not be more true.

owners kelly & billy.jpg

Going to college and receiving a degree was what I thought I should do. Becoming a teacher and having my summers off was something that I thought I would like, until I was actually in the role of a teacher. I knew that I always enjoyed teaching, but I felt like something was missing. Fitness was always my passion, but fear was stronger than my dreams at that time. (Kelly Mahoney)

Working in the corporate world was something that paid the bills and allowed me to go to work everyday. I knew that I wanted more for myself and out of life. Training was something that has always meant a lot to me and it has shaped me into the man that I am today. I have seen how a healthy lifestyle can change someone’s life, and after seeing this over and over, I knew that I wanted to create a place to do this everyday for more and more people. (Billy Dawson)

Five years ago Billy and I met, he was actually MY personal trainer, and we clicked. We could not be more opposite one another, BUT we both shared a similar vision. We were both in different worlds at the time, but joked around about the “what if” we met five years earlier?

We joked, and talked, and shared dreams and visions, but was it right? Should we leave our current positions and take this risk? I felt that there were signs everywhere, but then the actual “FOR LEASE” sign was outside of 404 Shrewsbury Avenue. There was no discussion. Papers were signed and Evolve went from a dream to a reality!

evolve team shot.jpg

They say when you are TRULY passionate about something, you will NOT FAIL, and this is a phrase that we continued to say to one another daily as we prepared Evolve for opening day.

Evolve was a vision, a dream that became a reality. It is an idea and a space that two hardworking, dedicated owners put together in about 3 months.

Evolve opened its doors for the first time on September 1, 2015 and it has been an amazing journey ever since. Our small vision has now TRIPLED in size going from 1,500 square feet of the building to now owning the ENTIRE building and all 7,000 square feet. The idea of having personal training and small group training has now evolved into personal training, small group training AND a fitness studio!

To say that we are grateful for our journey and the space that we have created is an understatement. We took our ideas and made it come to life and because of that, many many people’s lives have been changed and continue to change!

Two people, that became friends, who then became partners have worked tirelessly to create Evolve Training & Fitness. We are honored to have a team of 9 trainers who all share our same vision...to educate, motivate and inspire our clients to live their best lives!

Evolve is SO MUCH MORE than a gym...it is a community and we can not wait for you to experience it yourself.