1. How long are personal training sessions?

Our personal training sessions are 60 minutes long unless 30 minute sessions are requested.

2. Can I stay after my class or session to use the cardio machines?  

Yes, of course you can!

3. Will my training sessions be customized for my needs/goals

Yes. Once we take you through a few sessions we will have a solid idea of your current level of fitness regarding strength, stamina, flexibility, aiments, etc.

4. Can you help me with my nutrition?  

We can. We offer customized nutrition plans (link to Nutrition page) and all of our trainers are knowledgeable & certified to help you with your nutrition.

5. Can I change my package each time I renew?  

Yes. One of the benefits of training at Evolve is that you are not locked into any certain package or membership.

6. Do you have a cancellation window?  

Yes. For personal training sessions, we ask for a 24 hour cancelation notice and our group training and fitness classes we ask for a 6 hour cancellation. This will allow ample time for others to sign up for training or classes.

7. Do you offer education?  

Yes. We offer education through our website blog, email newsletter, social media platforms, and in-person monthly seminars ranging from nutrition, recovery, workouts, training techniques, and more!  We also have monthly workshops (e.g. rowing and treadmill, etc.) where we focus on one specific movement, training technique, or machine.

8. What is EVOLV3-D?

EVOLV3-D  is Evolve’s theory behind a successful, effective and safe training program. Our EVOLV3-D package provides you with unlimited access to our fitness studio classes, unlimited access to our strength training classes and a personal training session each month. EVOLV3-D provides you with the 3-Dimensions of fitness! Strength, cardio endurance, and personal training!

9, Do I have to bring a towel or water?  

We encourage you to bring a water bottle as we have a water fountain here for you to use,   And we do have towels on hand, but you are more than welcome to bring your own as well!

10. Do you have a shower or changing area available for members?  

Yes, We have three bathrooms here at Evolve and one shower for client use.

11. Should I eat before my workout?  

Everybody is different, but we do encourage having something light before you workout (ideally :60 prior) like a banana or a piece of fruit. Be sure to drink plenty of water before your workout too!

12. Do you do monthly challenges or offer ways for me to challenge myself?  

Definitely! Your trainer/s will always provide an effective, safe and challenging workout for you, but we do offer monthly challenges here at Evolve for our clients to participate in!

13. Am I locked into one personal trainer when I purchase my sessions?  

No. When you purchase training at Evolve, you can train with any trainer of your choice! We actually encourage our clients to train with different trainers to keep the workouts different which will keep your body guessing and changing!

14. Do you have parking?  

Yes we do. And it’s free.