Afraid to Squat?


The squat is a great movement that targets the legs, but it is a movement that often scares people away. Coach Shannon shares with us the benefits of performing squats in your workout routine below.

3 major benefits of squats

1. Squats assist every day movement. They can make walking up and down the stairs and getting up out if a chair or car easier. These are just a few examples of how performing squats can be beneficial to your daily routine.
2. Squats can benefit other physical activities such as running/walking, cycling and all other sports. Squats will strengthen all leg muscles which will protect the joints. Therefore, will make these activities even more enjoyable.
3. Squats are a full body exercise. That being said, they will not only strengthen your legs but your core as well. This includes the muscles in your abdomen and back. Your cardiovascular system will also improve. when you perform them. Squats will also help mobilize your joints along with proper stretching and warm up time which will also carry through other daily activities.

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