Stuck in a rut?

“I feel like I am in a rut.”

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“I am bored with my workouts & meals.”
“I feel like I am stuck in the same routine when it comes to my meals & workout routine”

Sound familiar?

Don’t freak! It happens to all of us, even me!

Just like anything in life, too much of a good thing is not beneficial and when it comes to your health & fitness goals, too much of the SAME things will not get you to your longterm goals & it can leave you feeling bored, repetitive, and unmotivated.

How do we prevent this from happening?

Here are a few things that I do to make sure that I don’t get bored, stuck or unmotivated when it comes to my health & fitness routine!

1.Change up your workout routine. This can be done a few ways meaning change up the days that I workout, the times that I workout and the style of workouts that I am doing. Morning person? Try working out at night to change it up! Tired of doing cardio & HIIT training? Try mixing it some weightlifting days! Your body & mind will thank you! Luckily at @evolve we have cardio & weightlifting classes, so you will never get bored!

2. Change up your meals weekly! If you eat the same things everyday, you are going to get bored & you are not going to look forward to eating your next meal! Try looking up different recipes, or order from an awesome meal prep company like @nutritionkitch to give you some different flavors throughout the week!

3. Set short-term goals each week! What do you want to accomplish this week? Maybe it is incorporating 1 fitness class or doing 3 workouts at home! Or maybe it is to cook 2 different recipes at home for you and your family to try! Keep it fresh & keep it interesting to avoid burnout!

4. Accountability. Do you have it? Is someone checking in on you making sure that you are sticking to your goals? If you don’t have this, I highly recommend getting it! Hire a coach, personal trainer, join a gym that has a great community, or ask a friend/family member to check in on you! Join a Facebook group that empowers you to live your best life DAILY! Whoever it is, get it! This will definitely keep you on track!

5. Know your WHY. I have talked about this before, but in my opinion, it is SO important! Know WHY you decided to make a change or live a healthier lifestyle. Write it down & read it daily. If you don’t know your why, it will be very difficult to stay motivated.

Are you struggling? Give these 5 tips a try & let me know how it helps you! Or, reach out! I am here & happy to help you stay accountable each week!