6 Tips for Staying on Track!


Okay guys, we only have ONE body to live in and it is important to remember that. So as easy as it is to say that you are going to skip the gym and rush home from work to eat junk food and watch Netflix, it is not the smartest decision that you can make.

Making fitness a part of your life is so important. As one of my clients says, “Going to the gym is like brushing my teeth! It has become a part of my routine and my day would not feel right if I didn’t go to the gym or do some sort of movement!” Making fitness part of your life is SO much more than losing weight or going on a diet.

Whether you are working out in Evolve, following one of my online training programs, doing your own thing, or just getting started on your fitness journey, here are 6 tips for staying on track when it comes to maintaining your overall mental and physical health.

  1. Stop weighing yourself!

  2. Drink plenty of water (Half of your bodyweight in ounces daily).

  3. Go to the gym first thing in the morning OR directly after work.

  4. Don’t buy unhealthy foods.

  5. Love yourself from the inside out!

  6. Meal prep and plan your meals ahead of time.

The scale does NOT define you or your success. Water is life and a great way to kickstart your weight loss journey. Pack your bag the night before with your workout clothes. If we keep the junk food out of the house, we are less likely to eat it. And one last reminder, you are so much more than any number or percentage, it doesn’t matter how long you worked out in the gym & do NOT allow that little voice inside of your head tell you any differently…YOU ARE STRONG, BEAUTIFUL & WORTHY.

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Coach Kelly